XCEL Soccer Academy

Xcel Soccer Academy was formed in August 2018 to meet the community demands for higher levels of training, critical thinking, technical skill, and tactical analysis for the younger ages that are not otherwise found in traditional training environments.  The academy is a low cost, talent-based model designed to attract the very best players from the area.  Our teams are comprised of only 10 players to maximize playing time and touches on the ball. 

To ensure that your child receives the personal attention you expect, the ratio of coach-to-player is approximately 1 coach for every 7 players. Additionally, Xcel is committed to only carrying four teams (U9, U10, U11, U12) each season.  After U12, we graduate players to the next level.  We have partnerships with Development Academies to place our players and help transition families for the ensuing challenge.

Xcel recognizes that players mature at different ages, and therefore have developed a program which consistently evaluates and aligns player development. 

If you think your son or daughter has what it takes to be a part of our academy program, please call 713-614-2595 or stop by our facility.